Joe Massey

Qualification & subject:
Diplomas Level 3 Extended Diploma in Uniformed Protective Services
Special Constable

What I do

When I left Hartpury, I managed to get a job working in HR within Hertfordshire Constabulary, my home force but I wanted something more operational so I applied to become a special constable. I did that for a year before realising that whilst my job was secure I wanted to do operations full-time so I applied to become a police community support officer for the British Transport Police. It’s a very unique policing environment. Whereas in a town or city you might come across a thousand people a day, within my station, Kings Cross, you can come across a thousand people in a matter of minutes on a busy morning. And the role is so varied, from dealing with intoxicated and drug-related incidents to enforcing bylaws like smoking by a train and ticket irregularities. Sadly, I’ve had to deal with a fatality on the Victoria line. I also get involved in operations aimed at tackling certain offences like theft of passenger property, and the work I do is often intelligence led.

How Hartpury helped to get me there

The biggest thing I got out of Hartpury was confidence and the ability to go into a situation and say right this is how I’m going to deal with it. When I first started, I still wasn’t 100% which service to go for but the course gives you an insight not just in to the policing side of things, but also the different roles in public service, whether its fire, ambulance, armed forces. You get plenty of opportunities to meet people doing the job on a day to day basis. Working in public services is a unique career; it’s not a 9-5, you’ve got to be able to enjoy it as well, so it’s important that you know it’s definitely what you want to do.