Sam Loxton

Work Experience Restoring Mountain Bike Trails

What I did on my work experience

We supported the Dean Trail Volunteers to rebuild and restore mountain biking trails at Pedalabikeaway in the Forest of Dean. We dug out a route that will allow cyclists on one of the more technical Grade Three trails to avoid a steep drop if it is too challenging for them. The alternative track we built is still quite technical but it means bikers can avoid the really difficult gully if they want to.  The project was part of our’ ‘Impact and Sustainability’ module but also enabled us to achieve the John Muir award - an environmental award scheme focused on wild places. “We used all natural materials and dug out everything by hand – helping the environment and the local economy by restoring these trails. That was very rewarding.”

Career ambitions

Climbing and mountain biking are my passion; that’s why I chose this course. I’m a climbing instructor in the summer and on weekends at Far Peak Climbing Centre just outside Northleach and I love being able to help people to enjoy activities outdoors and master new skills. That’s what I want to continue doing when I finish my course.