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A-level in Physics

Physicists explore the answers to complex questions such as: How did the Universe begin? How does the sun keep shining? What are the basic building blocks of matter? What is mass? What makes things move?

If you think these questions are fascinating, then you'll enjoy studying physics. This A-level will provide a great stepping-stone to any science or engineering subject at university. A-level Physics has a high mathematical content, therefore it is recommended to be taken alongside A-level Mathematics.

If you want to investigate the limits of space, the beginning of time and everything in between, understand how the technology around you works or maybe save the planet and help people get better when they are ill then this course is for you. You will need to be a logical thinker and be confident using Mathematics.

At Hartpury, we follow the AQA Physics specification. For more information, click here

How to apply for this course

Course Duration

2 Year
2 Year course
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Full Time

Entry Requirements

GCSE | You will need a minimum of five GCSEs at grade 4 or above to include Mathematics and English Language, as well as:

GCSE grade 6 or above in Mathematics and either a grade 6 or above in Physics or grades 76 or above in Combined Science.

Why study A-levels at Hartpury College?

Our A-level students achieved an exceptional A-level pass rate of almost 100% (99.7%) in 2020 which puts us in the top 10% of colleges in England for value-added.

We support you to be the best you can be within your academic studies, as well as providing a world of enrichment opportunities. Through our unique Hartpury Certificate, you’ll develop the knowledge, skills and experience that employers or universities are looking for.

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How to apply

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What happens next?

Once we receive your application, we will write and invite you to attend an interview and written assessment with a member of staff on your chosen course. The interview is an opportunity to discuss the course content, ask any questions you may have and go on a tour of the campus.


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