Information about certificates related to your study at Hartpury University

What you get when you finish your programme of study

Your published results will confirm modules you've achieved and whether you've been granted an award.  If you've achieved modules and an award then you'll receive two certificates:

  • a Certificate of Credit - provides a breakdown of the modules studied and the corresponding grades achieved. Your certificate of credit will be signed by the Academic Registrar and will also have a holographic stamp; and
  • a Certificate of Award - states the final award and outcome. Your certificate of award will be signed by the Vice-Chancellor and the Academic Registrar and will have a holographic stamp.

Your certificates will be posted to the home address (not the term-time address) that you currently have registered on MyHartpury. Please ensure that your address is kept up-to-date as Hartpury University will not accept liability if your certificates are received at an old address.  You can change this address through your MyHartpury account.

Alongside receiving your paper certificates to your address, you'll also have access to an online certificate portal (Premier Cert+) where you'll be able to view and share a digital copy of your certificates.  Please note that you must use the Google Chrome search engine when accessing the online certificate portal to ensure full functionality of Premier Cert+.

Replacement certificates

If your degree certificate is lost, stolen or damaged, you can order a replacement certificate. Please note that you're only permitted to have one copy of your certificate in your possession at any one time, so multiple copies cannot be requested.


We try to process certificates within eight weeks of your results being formally published. If you require confirmation that you've completed your award before receiving a copy of your certificates please contact the Student Advisors.

Contact Student Advisors

You can do this via MyHartpury if you have an active account.

  1. Use your Hartpury login details to access your My Hartpury area.
  2. At the top of the page under MyHartpury, click ‘My Details'.
  3. Under the ‘My Details’ tab, go to ‘Addresses’.

If you no longer have an active MyHartpury account then you should send an email to the certificates office.

Contact certificates office

You may have outstanding tuition debt - contact our finance office.

Contact finance office

Another reason - contact our certificates office.

Contact certificates office

The certificates have to be signed for on delivery, and we can track this. You may wish to contact the old address (if you can) to arrange for your certificates to reach you.  If you can't do this then you may wish to arrange for a reprint of your certificates.  You'll be required to pay for a replacement, and this should be done through Hartpury’s online shop.

Contact certificates office

This should be within a couple of days of receiving your certificate. If you don't receive a welcome email please contact the certificates office.

Contact certificates office

Please contact the certificates office if you'd like information about a replacement paper certificate. In the meantime remember you can still access your electronic copies via Premier Cert+.

Contact certificates office

Please refer to our online shop.

Visit online shop

You'll need to send a photo of the certificate, showing the error.

Contact certificates office

If you graduated with a UWE degree you'll need to contact their certificate office, you can find details of this on their website.

Visit the UWE website

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