Clearing FAQ's

We’re here to help you to navigate Clearing - no question is too big or too small. If can't find your question below, just give us a call on +44 (0) 1452 702 333  

What is Clearing?

Am I eligible for Clearing?

I haven’t applied for university yet, is it too late?

I’ve already applied through UCAS but I’ve changed my mind. Can I change my course or university?

Which courses do you have available in Clearing?

What grades will I need to get onto a course through Clearing?

I’ve received a verbal offer through Clearing. What happens next and do I need to apply through UCAS?

How do I know that a degree at Hartpury is right for me?

If I have applied through Clearing can I still apply for accommodation at Hartpury?

I have a conditional offer from Hartpury, do I need to send you my results when I receive them?

What happens when you get my results?

How will you assess academic potential?

If I don’t get accepted on my course will you offer me an alternative?

Can I contact you?

I’m an International Student, can I apply through Clearing?

I may require learning support while studying at Hartpury, can you support me during my studies?

Other questions?