Hartpury provides students with the opportunity to bring their horse (or horses) with them while they study.

All student livery stables are situated within the Equine Centre. The yard is split into American style barns and outdoor stabling. Designated livery stables are allocated within eight different barns. All barns have a shared tack room and feed room, except for one barn, which has individual storage areas per stable. All of the shared feed rooms are equipped with metal feed storage containers and all tack rooms have a saddle rack and bridle hook per stable.

Student liveries have access to all equine facilities when not in university or college use, including a solarium, two horse walkers, lunge arena, four indoor schools and two outdoor schools, as well as access by arrangement to the facilities within the Equine Therapy Centre (including water treadmill, high-speed treadmill and weighbridge) and the Rider Performance Centre (including two mechanical horses and weight lifting platforms). Restricted turnout is available depending upon weather and ground conditions. Turnout is usually closed between November and March, restricted turnout may be available after this time depending upon conditions.

Hay/haylage and Cushionbed is included within the weekly livery cost. Cushionbed is allocated up to a maximum of five bales per week. One wormer per horse per term is also included. Students must provide their own mucking out tools, wheelbarrows, buckets, haynets and associated items.

All stables must be vacated during the Christmas and Easter holiday periods. Students will be notified of any other dates that stables must be vacant and these are also included within the livery agreement.

Whilst there are experienced members of staff on hand to advise, students on livery are responsible for the day to day care of their horse and are expected to abide by the yard rules at all times. Each barn is also allocated a student barn mentor who is able to advise new students, and ensure yard standards are maintained.

Current students wishing to place their horse on the wait-list for a stable for the current academic year should contact or phone 01452 702126.