Accommodation at Hartpury

At Hartpury you can choose to live on-campus surrounded by Gloucestershire’s beautiful countryside or off-campus in the heart of Gloucester City centre.

Whichever option you go for, you’ll get the best of both rural and urban worlds. We’re located just five miles from Gloucester City centre, with buses that come right on to campus.

Accommodation options

We give priority booking to first-year undergraduate students who make us their firm choice by the May UCAS deadline, as well as international students.

You can choose from our on- or off-campus accommodation options. Or, if you would like a bit more flexibility and independent living, you can look into private accommodation.

Living on campus

The Hartpury community is vibrant and friendly. You’re sure to feel at home with us. Your neighbours will include your friends, over 70 animal species, 200 horses and the Gloucester rugby team!

On-campus facilities include a student bar, Wi-Fi, laundry rooms, gym and sports facilities, as well as cafes and restaurants.

Limbury and New Vicarage halls of residence

Located on our beautiful 360 hectare campus, Limbury and New Vicarage offer more than 370 bedrooms.

These modern two-storey halls sit around our picturesque courtyards and are an ideal choice for those who want to roll out of bed straight into lectures.

There are a range of room and living area sizes available. All bedrooms in these halls have an en-suite shower.

Take a 360 tour of our Limbury Plus Halls

Hartpury House

At the centre of our campus is our Grade II listed historic manor with 21 ensuite bedrooms.

Dating back to the 1940s, you'll be next to onsite facilities and your classes.

Hartpury House accommodation is catered with meal packages available to buy. There is a shared common room with a microwave, fridge and kettle, so you can enjoy snacks and hot drinks whenever you want.

Living off campus

Full of social hangout spots, Gloucester has a real vibe for those seeking that independent living experience with plenty of leisure activities, eateries and outlet shopping.

Alongside Gloucestershire’s vast countryside and regular buses from Gloucester to Hartpury, you really do have the best of both worlds.

Blackfriars Residences

Our Blackfriars Residences is our newest accommodation in the heart of Gloucester city centre.

It’s just a 10-minute bus or car ride between Gloucester city and campus, which means you can hop back and forwards whenever you need to.

Find out more

Private accommodation

For more independent living, you may wish to stay in local private accommodation.

As well as Gloucester and Cheltenham, Hartpury is surrounded by beautiful villages offering many accommodation options. This offers you great flexibility in where you want to live and enables you to choose based on what facilities are important to you.

Private accommodation

The cost of private accommodation will vary. Rent for self-catered lodgings is approximately £70-£100 per week, usually including bills. With Gloucestershire having such a large student population, there is plenty to choose from.

Some popular student accommodation websites are:

Student Digs

The Student Digs team developed their accommodation with the modern student in mind. It’s clean and classic. There are 53 rooms laid out in flats. Find out more on the Student Digs Gloucestershire website.

Managed by Student Digs, these properties are perfect for those that dream of city living.

Assistance dogs

We recognise that that assistance dogs provide invaluable support to individuals with a range of disabilities.

We welcome accredited Assistance Dogs registered with Assistance Dogs UK or one of their partner agencies on campus including residential accommodation. Read our full statement.