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Biomechanics and human performance laboratories

Boasting some of the most advanced sports equipment in the world, our biomechanics and human performance laboratories support our students in developing their impact-driven research and athletes in maintaining their peak physical fitness.

Working with a range of sports, including football, rugby and rowing, our staff use scientific tests to monitor athletes’ performance over the course of their time here.

The labs have everything you need to undertake scientific research for your undergraduate or postgraduate studies, or for improving your performance.

Altitude chamber

The chamber is used to enhance performance and limits oxygen during training. You can also use our portable VO2 analyser to measure oxygen consumption out on the pitch.

Anti-gravity treadmill

Speed up your recovery from using our unique anti-gravity treadmill. It combines precision unweighting technology with real-time gait analytics to help your rehabilitation.

3D cameras and digital mirrors

Our 3D and high-speed cameras and able to track your body movements, from sprints to squats, to help reach your goals. You'll be able to map and train your body movement from using our high-resolution digital mirror technology - the only one of its kind in a UK educational institution.


Our rehabilitation centre contains a number of massage beds and tables for physiotherapy purposes, as well as various teaching and testing equipment for educational purposes.

The rehabilitation room is home to our highly qualified physiotherapists. They provide expert assessment and a treatment programme tailored to you and your individual needs. Using state-of-the-art testing equipment, they will help to prevent injuries from occurring and to nurture those athletes who have been injured.

Sport academy members also have access to our spa baths which can be used for contrast bathing and recovery. The cold pool is between 9 and 10 degrees centigrade and the hot pool remains at 37 degrees.

Performance analysis suites

Our performance analysis suites are the hub for our sport academy teams and athletes to review their own performances and assess their upcoming opposition. More than 15 of our teams are currently using trailblazing Hudl technology with plans in the pipeline to roll it out across all 10 of the sports academies on offer.

Coaches use Hudl to quickly upload video of games, performances and training. The footage is annotated and also coded by coaches and analysts, enabling players to quickly move to footage of themselves or to particular phases, set plays or positions in a game or session. Players are also able to use the technology to create and edit play reels that can be set to music to showcase their talent to clubs.

Hartpury Medical Centre

At Hartpury Medical Centre, based on the Hartpury University and Hartpury College campus, our highly qualified sports therapists can help you get back to your best, whether you run for fun or you’re an elite performer.

So if you’ve aggravated your ankle, your shoulder is sore, or your lower back needs loosening, we have a wide range of effective treatments for your injury and our rates are very competitive.

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