Honorary Degrees

Who would you nominate for an honorary degree?

An honorary degree is one of higher education's most significant accolades. Each year, the Hartpury University bestows a number of honorary degrees on distinguished individuals who merit special recognition for outstanding achievement and distinction in a field or activity consonant with the mission and strategy of the University.

The successful nominees receive their degrees at the Graduation Ceremony held at Gloucester Cathedral each year.  During the ceremony an oration is delivered in commendation of each Honorary Graduand.

We welcome all honorary degree nominations made by anyone within or outside the University. All nominations are considered by the Honorary Degrees Committee and approved by Academic Board.

When considering a candidate for an honorary degree, the Honorary Degrees Committee may refer to agreed selection criteria. These criteria should not be viewed as exhaustive or restrictive, but they do provide useful guidance.

Criteria for the award of honorary degrees:

  • Genuine achievement and distinction in an activity consonant with the mission, values and strategy of the University and our specialist industries, including: scholarship, the advancement of learning, welfare diversity and social responsibility, creativity and innovation, enterprise, public service; or significant demonstration of personal qualities that exemplify the University’s values.
  • Being of sufficient standing professionally and personally to be an exemplar and of interest to undergraduate and postgraduate students attending the graduation ceremony, and to their families.
  • There may be an existing or possible future association between the individual and the University or city of Gloucester.
  • Inclusivity and diversity are important strands of our strategy. Nominations on behalf of people who identify as female and other frequently under-represented groups, that enhance the overall diversity of our honorary graduates, are therefore particularly welcome.

Honorary degrees will not be awarded to individuals in current employment at the Hartpury University; former employees of the University might occasionally be honoured for exceptional service to the University; former academic staff that retain an honorary connection to the University (e.g. Emeritus Professors) might exceptionally be considered, where their particular achievement has impacted uniquely beyond the usual scope.

The following accomplishments are regarded as not in themselves sufficient reason for consideration: currently holding elected public office; acts of philanthropy; receiving popular acclaim, but they would not be a bar to consideration should one or more of the other criteria be met.

Nomination process

Nominations for both honorary degrees and Honorary Fellowships should be made by completing the nominations form. The deadline for nominations is 14th February 2021. 

Please send nominations for Honorary Degrees to graduation@hartpury.ac.uk