Fees and funding

Tuition fees and funding opportunities for postgraduate study at Hartpury University

If you're considering a postgraduate degree at Hartpury University, you may have some questions around money and how you’ll pay for your studies. It's a good idea to think about fees and funding around your course as early as you can.

While you're studying you'll have two main costs – tuition fees and living costs. We can help you to understand and take control of your finances. Here’s everything you need to know at a glance.

Tuition fees

Master's degrees

Master's course fees are charged per course. The fees detailed below are for students enrolling for the academic year 2022/23. These fees may change in future years.

UK, Isle of Man and Channel Islands students

MRes (including £1,000 bursary to support costs)£8,000
Postgraduate Diploma£6,000
Postgraduate Certificate£3,000
Postgraduate Diploma Coaching Rugby Union£1,200

MSc Veterinary Physiotherapy (£5,250 per year for years one and two, £1,837 for year three)


Postgraduate Certificate Advanced Veterinary Nursing

MSc Animal Welfare and Legislation (Online)£6,900

PhD study (UKRI rate)

PhDs are conducted in partnership with the University of the West of England (UWE), click here for more information on fees and funding.

Full-time£4,596 per year
Part-time£2,298 per year

International Students, including EU

MSc Animal Welfare and Legislation (Online)£9,250
MSc Veterinary Physiotherapy (£5,250 per year for years one and two, £1,837 for year three)£12,337
Postgraduate Certificate Advanced Veterinary Nursing
PhD (full-time - pre 19/20 starters)£14,262 per year
PhD (part-time - pre 19/20 starters)£6,748 per year
PhD (full-time - 19/20 starters onwards)£15,445 per year
PhD (part-time - 19/20 starters onwards)£7,562 per year

International funding

Master’s and Doctoral Loans

Postgraduate loans are available for full master’s and PhD programmes. They are not available for postgraduate certificates, diplomas or top-up courses.

Postgraduate students from the UK can access loans via the Student Loans Company to fund study of masters and PhD-level qualifications. Loan amounts are around £10,000 per year – please check the government website for the most up-to-date figures.


Hartpury University, our partners and other organisations offer a range of financial support packages to eligible students applying for our courses.

As a Hartpury postgraduate research or teaching assistant, you’ll join our university teaching team to support academic staff for 15 hours each week across all aspects of practice including facilitating group and one-to-one student sessions, teaching and assessment, as well as academic administration duties.

Our teaching and research assistant roles are a fantastic opportunity for postgraduate students to gain valuable academic and industry qualifications and experience on campus alongside their studies whilst earning a salary to help support their studies.

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Our Postgraduate Studentship Scheme provides a fantastic development opportunity, enabling you to complement your postgraduate study with important real-world research within a paid position at Hartpury. We have a limited number of positions at one time, making this a much sought after opportunity.

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If you have a physical or mental disability or specific learning difficulty that means additional support is needed to undertake a UK Research and Innovation funded studentship, you may be eligible for additional expenditure for the costs of study-related requirements that may be incurred as a result. Please enquire.

All Hartpury University graduates receive a 20% discount for studying a master's course with us, and 10% from professional course fees. It's a great way to develop your specialist subject expertise and employability as part of a passionate academic community that's familiar to you.

This can only be applied for once studies have commenced. All MRes students can apply for a £1,000 bursary to support a specific and valuable element of their research project. Please speak to your personal tutor for further information.

This can only be applied for once studies have commenced. PhD students can apply for up to £1,000 extra research project support for each year of study (full-time students, up to £500 for part-time students). Please speak to your personal tutor for further information.

Sports scholarships are open to postgraduate students who are part of one of our performance sports teams.

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Postgrad Solutions offers bursaries for students from across the globe who are undertaking postgraduate study in the UK.

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There is a range of other financial support for students from households with low incomes, for those who have achieved academic excellence, for those with disabilities, and more.

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This annual award provides bursaries to pay up to 75% of course fees for selected students who are undertaking a postgraduate course in agriculture (Masters or PhD) within the UK.

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For more information on fees and funding, please contact our student finance team.

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