Postgraduate Studentship Scheme

The Postgraduate Studentship Scheme offers a fantastic opportunity for you to complement your Postgraduate Taught study with exposure to real life working environments within a paid position at Hartpury.

With only a limited number of positions on offer, the Postgraduate Studentship Scheme is a much sought after opportunity. Each post comprises a two-year term-time contract of 15 hours a week and is an ideal opportunity for those who would like to work within the education or research sectors.

This competitive programme has seen past graduates going on to roles such as Lecturing, Performance Analysis, Senior Coaching positions and Sponsorship Coordinator roles to name a few. Applications will be scrutinised individually with those with good organisational and interpersonal skills welcomed.

Each successful applicant will complete a full induction programme and receive ongoing continuing professional development opportunities throughout the year. Such CPD activities will include teaching and learning qualifications and support for Higher Education Academy membership; while adding a distinctive range of workplace responsibilities to their CVs. As such, the Postgraduate Studentship Scheme offers the ideal opportunity to subsidise postgraduate study fees, while demonstrating the ability to combine further degree study with the demands of contributing to a challenging professional workplace environment and developing a range of transferable skills that are highly prized by potential future employers.