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Home to leading research experts

Welcome to our research centres, home to some of the world's leading academic and industry experts that are working to drive positive change where it matters through research and PhD qualifications. Our 360-hectare campus provides the ideal research environment for passionate and driven people to make their mark. As a postgraduate student, you'll join a like-minded community who are driving forward new ideas to improve real-world practice.

Innovation where it matters

New science and technology enables us to understand the world like never before. At Hartpury our professors and research students are harnessing the power of this technology on campus to change the futures of the specialist industries that we serve.

Applied research opportunities

As a postgraduate research student, you'll benefit from access to a campus that’s received over £50 million investment in recent years, boasting some of the most advanced technology in the world at an educational institution. This provides plenty of opportunity for you to get hands-on as you discover more about what's important to you.

Real-world issues

Our diverse network of prestigious industry partners provides opportunities for students to work on real-world challenges and influence real-world practice. We're also home to nine specialist businesses on campus, many of which form important bases for the design and development of valuable research.

Animal and agriculture research centre

We aim to achieve real-world synergies for people, animals and the planet, in a changing landscape where our ability to innovate and live harmoniously is life critical.

A dynamic team, extensive facilities and valuable research collaborations across the globe enable us to make a difference where it matters, lobbying for evidence-based policies and practices to achieve positive outcomes for all.

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Equestrian Performance research centre

We deliver projects that enhance the management and training of horses and riders, optimising equine welfare and the success of horse-rider partnerships at all levels of equestrian sport.

With extensive facilities and research subjects on site, a dynamic team with a range of specialisms and the latest technologies, we’re ideally placed to support you as a research student or partner.

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Sport and Exercise research centre

This centre consists of four main disciplines; scrutinising sports performance, exercise health and wellbeing, sports medicine and sports business management.

Our aim is to conduct research that leads to real-world outcomes for everyone, from professional athletes and coaches to those undertaking exercise to maintain health or overcome specific health conditions.

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Research Ethics at Hartpury University

Hartpury University promotes the highest standards in its research and teaching practice and conducts world-leading applied research across the agriculture, animal, equine, veterinary nursing and sport and exercise sectors. Our research and knowledge exchange directly informs taught programmes and real-world practice.

Research ethics statement