Research partnerships

Research partnerships - join us

Our 360-hectare campus is home to an unprecedented wealth of talent and expertise, including our staff, students and industry partners, as well as athletes that train here. We provide the ideal environment for real-world research that answers pressing questions.

We ask the right questions

We look at our industries through an expert lens to find practical solutions to real-life problems. With extensive facilities and research subjects on site, a dynamic team with a range of specialisms and the latest technologies, we’re ideally placed to support you as a research student or partner.

We select the right partners

We collaborate with select partners across the UK and internationally to ensure our research is high-quality and directly applicable to real-world settings, from large organisations, SMEs and non-profits to universities, professional sporting bodies and policy makers.

We make a difference

Our aim is to make a difference at every level – from grassroots activities to the international scene. Our studies, of all sizes, have generated impact, from developing new commercial products to shaping new government policies, we always focus on real-world and meaningful results.

Our research

Shaping equine rehabilitation

Research Centre Lead Dr Kathryn Nankervis is leading best practice across the world in the use of water treadmills for training and rehabilitation, contributing to new international guidelines Equine Water Treadmills: a guide for users, which integrates extensive research findings and over 20 years’ working with horses in rehabilitation and professional sports horses preparing for competition.

Project partners included the British Equestrian Federation (BEF), Petplan Charitable Trust and the Animal Health Trust, as well as leading academics, veterinary surgeons and therapy centre managers.

Brain plasticity and autism

Our Drumming Project, led by exercise physiologist Prof. Steve Draper, is helping children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to strengthen their social, sensory and physical development.

Working in partnership with the University of Chichester and King’s College London, the project is evidencing improved brain activity during physical activity in ASD children, with potential for influencing models for long-term improvements in cognition, social interaction, co-ordination, communication skills, behaviour and educational performance.

Increasing productivity through agri-tech

Our exciting 10-year Digital Innovation Farm project is shaping the future of digital farming in the UK and beyond.

As home to the National Centre for Agricultural Data Management and Interpretation, we’ll play a pivotal role in the advancement of agricultural technology, data and security. As part of this, we’ll create a new innovation and demonstration workspace for high-growth SMEs to explore, test, trial, research and develop agricultural products.

Research Ethics at Hartpury University

Hartpury University promotes the highest standards in its research and teaching practice and conducts world-leading applied research across the agriculture, animal, equine, veterinary nursing and sport and exercise sectors. Our research and knowledge exchange directly informs taught programmes and real-world practice.

Research ethics statement

Staff research profiles

Our reputation in our specialist industries attracts expertise from across the globe. Discover more about specific teaching staff on our PURE Research management hub.

Communities of practice

Our communities of practice enable like-minded people from all walks of life to come together and turn their passion or concern for a specific subject into positive action.

Our facilities

We've invested £50 million into our facilities in recent years, including high-quality equipment, some that are the most advanced facilities in the world at an educational institution.

Commercial partnerships

If you're interested in working with us through our commercial businesses or creating a partnership, we offer plenty of opportunities.