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Hey, I’m Emily, a BA Equine Business Management student in my second year. I’m a student ambassador, student rep for my course, and I’m on the Hartpury Ladies Hockey team.

My course

This degree is perfect for me as it combines my lifelong passion for horses with the business world, which is the industry I want to go into in the future.

The degree is a mix of equine science and business modules, which means there are lots of practical sessions even though it’s a business degree.

During the Structure and Function module in my first year, we had regular lab sessions to get hands on with the anatomy of a horse with dissections. I’m personally a bit squeamish, but nonetheless it did teach me a lot. Practicals also include things like analysis of horses in the therapy centre on the water treadmill.

Studying a mix of equine science and business modules means keeps me engaged because every day is different. I love that my timetable is so varied, but I’ve also realised that I prefer the business side of my course more – my favourite module so far is Events Management.

My placement

As part of my second year, I spend 150 hours on work placement. I started off working with the Hartpury Equine Events team, in which I gained valuable organisation and communication skills.

After this, I secured a placement with the Hartpury Marketing team, as I knew this would provide me with relevant experience for the sector I hope to go into.

Thanks to Hartpury, I’ve been able to explore both career pathways I’m interested in, without even leaving campus.

The future

When I first started my course, I knew I was interested in the commercial side of the equine world, but I didn’t know what I’d actually like to specialise in.

However, after a guest lecture from the Director of Grandstand Media, I was completely inspired. It helped me to realise what I want to do with my future; marketing within the equine world, working with large scale events and brands.

Grandstand Media runs some of the biggest shows in the UK, including Horse of the Year Show. After being inspired by that guest lecturer, I have just secured a job for my integrated-placement year, helping to run the 2022 Horse of the Year Show.

If it wasn’t for my Events Management lecturer arranging for Grandstand Media to visit, I’d still be slightly unsure of what future I wanted – Hartpury have helped me to find my dream career.

My student life

As I’m in my second year, I live in a student house in Gloucester with my friends I made in first year. I have a part time job nearby, as well as completing my placement with the Hartpury marketing team.

Outside my studies, I’m a national showjumper. I regularly visit my horses who live at my home, which is local to Hartpury.

I find Hartpury is a really great social spot. The rugby matches on a Wednesday are really popular and get loads of people watching. The atmosphere at them is amazing and it is a really great social opportunity to come together to support Hartpury. You don’t have to play to be a part of it.


Sport Academy / BUCS Hockey/ Hartpury Ladies Hockey Team

Twice a week, I get together with the Hartpury Ladies Hockey team for training and matches.

I was nervous when I first started, but my captains and social sec made such an effort to make me feel included that I quickly felt at home in the team.

We have players of all abilities. I hadn’t played hockey since secondary school, but the team have been so encouraging and I’ve come on a lot – even getting player of the match a few times!

We train every Monday on the King’s School pitch. We bring a speaker along and it’s always a laugh. On Wednesdays, we play BUCS hockey matches, which are usually followed by a themed social. We sometimes have these with other sport teams, so it’s a great way to make friends.

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