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Samantha Stevens

Hey, I’m Samantha and I’m currently in my second year at Hartpury University studying BA Equine business Management.

I came to Hartpury from studying an equine diploma at an agricultural college in the North West. Finding business studies to be my strong point, while also having a huge passion in the equine industry, the BA Equine Business Management course at Hartpury was the perfect degree for me.

A flexible degree

What I like most about the Equine Business Management degree is that it’s very flexible, meaning you can tailor your modules and the subjects you study to your interests.

In the first year, you study core modules covering a mixture of business and equine. Some examples of these are Equine Structure and Function, Accounting and Finance, Marketing, and Economics.

Great practicals for visual learners

Equine Structure and Function involved many lab-based dissections. Having the opportunity to study the horse's anatomy in depth and in a hands-on way was extremely useful when it came to the written assignments. I’m a visual learner and find practical sessions really engaging.

Studying a variety of subjects in my first year gave me the chance to gain overall knowledge of the equine business industry, while also finding what I enjoy most, and continuing that into second year.

When it came to choosing subjects to pursue for second year, I tailored my course to more business subjects, as this is the career path I’d like to pursue in the future.

There is also the option to integrate the equine industry into your business studies, making it more relevant and personal.

My student life

Being a second year, I currently live in the city of Gloucester in a student house with my friends. I also have a part time job in Gloucester Quays, while also collecting work experience hours with the Gloucester Mounted Police.

Alongside this, I also ride for a local eventer. Having a relatively busy life outside of my studies means I have to be extremely organised, ensuring I keep up with my university work.

Consequently, I visit the on-site library frequently to continue with my studies, while also having monthly 1-2-1 sessions to track my progress.

Opening doors to potential careers

I would like to hope to take my degree into the business side of the equine industry, working alongside top equine brands such as NAF and Fairfax and Favour.

Through studying at Hartpury, I have learnt that marketing and advertising, as well as events management are my strong points and are what I most enjoy.

By choosing these subjects during my second year at Hartpury, I’ve had the chance to fabricate and propose large scale events, creating strategic marketing plans and financial proposals.

These assignments have given me invaluable experience into where I wish to progress in the future, opening doors to possible career paths in the equine industry.

Studying at Hartpury during Covid-19

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, education and learning has been different to how it was in my first year. With most lectures being online, I’ve had to adapt my way of studying, and become more independent and resourceful as a student.

Personally, I see this as a positive change as it has made me more organised and self-sufficient.

In response to this change in education, Hartpury have had constant contact with students, offering us additional support, 1-1 sessions, wellbeing drop-ins, and any guidance we may need. These services have had a massive impact in the transitioning to online learning, instilling students with confidence in their education.

Meet Samantha

Check out Samantha’s vlog to find out more about her student life on the BA Equine Business Management degree. She’ll take you on a quick tour of our equine facilities and tell you how she’s preparing for a career as a lecturer or with a big equine brand.

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