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Megan Lawley

Hi, I’m Megan and I’m currently a first-year BSc Sports Therapy student here at Hartpury.

Helping people play the sports they love

I chose this degree because I want to help athletes in their recovery, and to prevent injuries, so they can continue playing the sports they love. I love the combination of practical sessions and lectures on my course. It really helps me to fully understand and apply what we’re learning.

As a first year, it’s great to have the opportunity to get real hands-on experience through work experience. I’ve been carrying out pitch side first aid to develop my practical skills. By participating in second and third year clinics too, I’ve gained an insight into what I’ll be doing in my next two years.

A professional set up

Hartpury has a very modern therapy suite, which is where I have most of my practical sessions. It’s set up very professionally and mirrors what a working environment is like. Working in small groups, I get real one on one time with the lectures, which is helping to improve my practical skills.

I feel very lucky that my course is professionally accredited. I need to complete a set amount of practical hours before I can sit exams or pass the modules, which means my practical sessions have been running throughout lockdown – in full PPE to keep everyone safe.

A typical day on my course

I usually have lectures starting at 9am, which last for two hours. Then I would normally have two to three hours of free time, where I would go to Red & Black, the campus café or Graze, the restaurant for lunch with my friends. Once a week I have a late practical session, 5pm-7pm, but because I’m living on campus its just a short walk back to my block.

As a sports student, it’s nice to share some of my modules with other courses. I’ve made new friends and it’s interesting to see how different ideas and perspectives link back to my course. At first, the assignments felt a bit overwhelming, but with help from my tutors and the Achievement and Success Centre, it’s made planning and writing assignments so much easier.

Student life during Covid-19

Despite everything with Covid-19, I always feel safe round campus with one-way systems and mask zones. It took a while to get used to online learning, but there are some real positives. As well as being delivered live online, lectures are recorded. So if I don’t understand something or missed something important, I can go back over it.

We’ve still been able to go out for nights out in Gloucester when allowed. We usually go in groups as it makes taxis cheaper when split between five or six of us. I live in on-campus accommodation, and we’ve been able to have some parties in our block, which is our household bubble. This was really good when we moved in in September, as it helped us to all get to know each other.

I see myself keeping athletes at the top of their sport

Going forward, I see myself working with elite athletes, carrying out immediate injury management and working with the strength and conditioning teams to keep that athletes at the top of their sport. I believe that the industry links that Hartpury has, with Gloucester Rugby and other clubs and organisations, will help me to build connections and develop my skills, academically and practically.

Hear from Megan
Listen to our podcast with Megan to hear what it’s like to study BSc Sports Therapy at Hartpury University. From practical learning to extra opportunities to get hands-on pitch side, she’s well-prepared for her future career as a Sports Therapist.


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