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Hi, I’m Emily, a second year BA Equine Business Management student. I’m local to Hartpury, but still lived on site in Limbury (the best!) during my first year. Now I’m in my second year I’m living in a student house near Kingsholm stadium – with friends I made in first year.

I’m here to share my experience and top tips for making friends at university.

Why I chose Hartpury

I’m local to the area, so I’ve been coming to Hartpury to use the equine facilities for years, which are obviously very impressive. I’ve always loved the culture of the place, and because it’s not in a city centre, it’s so nice and peaceful.

Before you move in – join the Facebook groups

Before you move in, join the Coming to Hartpury University Facebook group. You can find the people in your accommodation and on your course.

It’s a really good idea to do this as it will make you less nervous to first move in, because you’ll already be familiar with some people. Be brave and put up a post to ask if anyone is living in the same block as you – you’ll find your housemates and start making friends.

When you move into accommodation

If you’re moving into accommodation, this will be the first place you start meeting people.

I’d suggest knocking on your housemates’ doors to introduce yourself, spending time in the kitchen/communal areas when your housemates are there, and suggesting a walk around campus and/or Gloucester together to figure out where everything is. Basically, everything you’d do with a friend you’ve known for years.

You’ll be amazed as how quickly you get friendly with people and start to feel comfortable – remember, they want to make friends as much as you do!

On your course

Your course will allow you to meet likeminded people. During my first year, we made a group chat on Facebook to help each other out.

I’ve made some really good friends on my course and actually live with two of them now in my second-year student house.

One of the nice things about the Equine Business Management degree is that we shared out first-year business lecturers with the Sport Business Management students. This was a great way to start meeting other people from Hartpury that aren’t on my course.

Social spots on site

In my first year, the quads in the middle of the accommodation blocks were a really popular space to hang out.

On sunny days, everyone would sit together with a speaker and get the BBQs going. Sometimes, a big group of us would go to Hartpury house and kick a ball around whilst we watched the sunset – the view there is amazing.

During the evening, we would socialise in each other’s accommodation or go on nights out.

If you aren’t into nightlife/drinking, there are plenty of opportunities to meet new friends, such as watching our rugby and football BUCS games. The games attract loads of people, and the atmosphere makes it really enjoyable.

As well as this, watching the many equine events held at Hartpury is a nice past time.

Societies and team

There lots of different clubs and societies at Hartpury – from recreational sports to a gaming group, book society, green leaders, walking and LGBT+.

I’m a member of the Hartpury Ladies Hockey BUCS team. Joining the team meant I met people from different courses and different years. The sport teams also have mixed socials so you’re able to meet new people on the different sports teams.

If you like playing sport, I’d recommend joining Hartpury hockey. We’re a really welcoming, friendly team for all abilities. Some of us hadn’t played since school, so we support each other to develop and most importantly, have fun! We’ve become like a big family and always have the best time when we’re with each other.

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