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Your first week at Hartpury


Your first week at Hartpury

When you imagine your life at Hartpury, you might be thinking about expanding your knowledge in thought-provoking lectures and developing industry skills using our world-class facilities.

But when it comes to your first week – known as your Freshers’ Week – you might not be so sure.

We’ll send Your Enrolment Guide in July for everything you need to know about joining us in September*, but in the meantime, our students share their memories…


My first week at Hartpury was very exciting, mainly because I realised how many opportunities there are to experience things I never thought I’d see or do.

During our first week, we had a tour of Hartpury to familiarise ourselves with the facilities. This is where I fell in love with the equine facilities and got to try out the riding simulators, which is one of those things you never forget.

The first week is also ‘Freshers’ Week’ – which means there’s lots of opportunity to make new friends at fun events. There were themed parties with live music and DJs, movie and quiz nights, and a day out to explore Gloucester and Bristol.

The first week was pure excitement. The staff organised so many great activities that I didn’t have time to feel homesick. I made friendships that have made my Hartpury experience so much better.


My first week went way too quickly! It was just brilliant; meeting and spending time with so many new faces from all different walks of life.

I thoroughly recommend coming out of your shell and making the most of your Freshers’ week.


The first few days were a mix of emotions. I was so excited to finally be at Hartpury, but also sad about having left home and nervous about meeting new people. However, once I had moved all of my stuff in and settled down in my room, I started getting more comfortable in my surroundings.

It felt a little daunting at first, but as soon as I started approaching people and talking to them, I realised it wasn’t as scary as it seemed. Every single person was SO nice, they all felt the same as me and we all realised we were in the same boat.

The second years told me a lot of things about Hartpury and reassured me it would be okay. Once I made my friends, we all organised going to breakfast and dinner together, and we all got into a routine. From there on, Hartpury has been my home.

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