Dee So'oialo

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BSc (Hons) Equestrian Sports Science

Dee So'oialo

Dee graduated from Hartpury with BSc (Hons) Equestrian Sports Science. She now owns her own business, Dynamic Performance Hub, a central base which offers a range of optimum performance services for both horse and rider to implement the elements required of successful equestrian athletes.

“I remember the first time I drove up the drive at Hartpury. I hadn't ever seen anything of that scale on the equestrian side of things. There isn’t anywhere else that has the same level of facilities and expertise available.

There’s a real community aspect to life at Hartpury and I wouldn’t have completed my degree, or set up my business as effectively, without all the support from Hartpury's ASC team. After being diagnosed with dyslexia, I had plenty of support to help me understand how I learn. It was life-changing.

The course covers a range of topics. Performance psychology was so fascinating; now it’s a core part of my business. Whilst volunteering with Hartpury University RFC, I realised there’s no central base for the equestrian athlete. At Dynamic Performance Hub, we support the horse and rider to achieve their goals with a holistic approach – and when they do, it’s a real buzz.

I’m very passionate about connecting people and helping horses and riders be the best athletes that they can be. Riding can be a lonely sport but a lot of our clients say the Hub is like a home from home.”

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