Eliman Jeng

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FdSc Equine Performance

Eliman Jeng

Eliman studied FdSc Equine Performance at Hartpury and now works at Alan King Racing as a yard rider and groom.

“When I initially visited the Hartpury campus, I fell in love with the place. I knew immediately that it was the best place for me. I loved my lectures and lecturers, you were always engaged, I don't think there was a point where I wasn't interested in what they had to say. I had help from the wellbeing team in my last year and thanks to them I’m doing so much better now. Hartpury has an amazing community, brilliant lecturers and is just an all-round great place. I loved it.

The staff are so helpful. When I spoke to my tutor about doing more on top of my studies, she put me in touch with three-time Olympian, Vittoria Panizzon. I undertook work experience while I was studying and then worked for her after I graduated, which was amazing. I got to experience lot of events which I’m very grateful for. None of it would have happened had I not gone to Hartpury. I am now a working at a race yard closer to home, working alongside the rider and groom. This involves helping with fitness work, racing drills and stable work.”

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