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BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy

Hannah Jones

Hannah studies BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy, she's a practical person and loves being able to get hands on with her course.

Hannah's Hartpury Experience

"I chose to come to Hartpury University because of the opportunities to combine training to a high standard in rugby with studying a course that I wanted to do. When I visited, I could see that it had everything I needed to be the best both on and off the pitch and that has definitely been the case. I also realised that you’re not just a number at Hartpury University– the lecturers know you by person and that was a big plus for me. Women’s sport is very popular at Hartpury and it was great to see so many girls signing up to a lot of different sports at the Freshers’ Fair. I know the girls in the rugby teams have really enjoyed it and they have got a lot better over the year.

I chose to do this course because I’ve always had an interest in issues like injury and how athletes are then treated and rehabilitated so it’s great to be able to study at a place like Hartpury University where there are lots of opportunities to gain practical experience on campus.

I started playing rugby at the age of eight and I’ve been hooked ever since! I was lucky enough to make my senior international debut for Wales at the 2015 Women’s Six Nations and although it was an unreal moment, I found it a really strong challenge because I was a lot younger than some of the other players. Since being at Hartpury University, I’ve improved a lot, both physically and mentally, and that’s down to things like structured strength and conditioning sessions, a personal programme and getting access to top-level coaching. I played for Wales again in the 2016 Six Nations and I noticed a massive difference between the two tournaments. I’ve also played for Hartpury’s University team and the Gloucester-Hartpury squad and I’ve really enjoyed it."

Developing Industry Connections

"The things we learn in our lectures relate a lot to rugby. I can speak pretty knowledgeably about injury in relation to my sport and I have an understanding of any little niggles that other people may have, although there is still a long way to go! My rugby has been pretty full on, but I’ve still been able to do well with my studies. I’ve watched the physiotherapist for the national team work with some of the other players and it’s good to observe what’s going on and I can then apply it to my own studies.

I’d love to play professional rugby and hopefully the Welsh women’s team will decide to go that way in the future. The World Cup is coming up in 2017 and that would be a dream to be involved in. My degree gives me a really good option of staying involved in professional sport, whether that’s competing or working in it, or both!"

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