Ben Jordan

Qualification & subject:
Undergraduate BSc (Hons) Agriculture
Nutrition Agronomist

Ben graduated BSc (Hons) Agriculture in 2018 at Hartpury and he is now a Nutrition Agronomist at a fertiliser manufacturer. The appointment is part of Origin fertilisers' considerable investment to add to its team of young nutrition agronomists, an important role that provides crop and soil nutrition advice to help farmers get the best from their fertiliser applications.

Ben's Hartpury Experience

“The passion I have for soil stems from my former Hartpury lecturer, Patrick Tandy, who instilled in me how everything links back to the soil and the importance of getting nutrition right regardless of the cultivation or drilling strategy that’s used. This helped to shape my belief that it’s more important than ever to focus on correct nutrition and look after the soil for the future."

Developing Industry Connections

“Following a dissertation around an interest in soil health and how yield is impacted by poor nutrition, I think it’s essential for farmers and growers to know what’s going on beneath the surface to make the most of any crop nutrition application. I like the variety of working with everything from broadacre fertiliser and tailored nutrition approaches through to digestate and grassland products. In this new role, I want to help farmers produce a higher-yielding, nutritionally rich crop, that also benefits the soil.”