Dan Holloway

Nike Football Coach

What I do

I work for Nike as a football coach and I have direct involvement with the Nike Academy, which involves working with players from ‘Nike Partnered Clubs’ across the UK. I have also been named as a head coach on Nike ‘Most Wanted’ which is the recruitment process for the Academy that runs twice a year globally. I also work closely with the product teams on both apparel and footwear that players wear within sessions. 

My Hartpury University journey

My journey at Hartpury started on the Sports Performance and Excellence (Football) BTEC Diploma, with that course offering me a fantastic opportunity to study and continue playing football. I then went on to study for a degree in Sports Coaching, which enabled me to learn more of the theory and apply it in practice, gaining lots of coaching experience. I also continued to play for the Hartpury University football team. After my degree, I was offered the opportunity to stay at Hartpury University for another year to do a Masters degree in Coaching Science and that really appealed to me, providing an opportunity to gain another advanced academic qualification and build my coaching CV.

How Hartpury University helped me to where I am now

Working for Nike is a fantastic opportunity with new challenges continuously arising. My time at Hartpury University taught me that working hard in all that you do to get to where you want to be is of paramount importance. Hartpury University offered valuable experience within the coaching environment and I was able to develop a strong skill set as a coach and a person. Coaching now on a daily basis, I evaluate my progress and always think about how I could do things differently - a skill I developed within my time at Hartpury – from College right the way through to postgraduate study.

What makes studying sport at Hartpury University special

Being immersed in a high performance environment at Hartpury, both academically and practically, you develop a mindset that allows you to push yourself to perform at a higher level. Being surrounded by top class facilities and support staff on a daily basis all contribute to you achieving your desired performance levels, both on and off the field. Understanding what’s needed to work effectively within a team but also wanting to better yourself as an individual are all traits that Hartpury promotes and supports. That ethos and culture has helped me to take the path that I am on now.

My advice to future students and graduates

It’s really important that you give 100% in all that you do, both academically and in sport. There are plenty of opportunities available to you if you work hard and don’t lose sight of the end goal. Make the most of the environment that you are in as much as possible, as this will help to get you where you aspire to be in future.