Rebecca Calver

Qualification & subject:
Undergraduate BA (Hons) Equine Business Management
International Programme Officer at World Horse Welfare

When I first started out on my degree at Hartpury University, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do as a career in the longer term so it was really important to me that I was given the freedom to be able to pick and mix a selection of both business and equine modules. Through my studies, I developed an interest in event management, so alongside the events and marketing modules that I got to do as part of my degree, I decided to get involved with the Student Union to build up my experience in that area.

Once I had graduated from Hartpury University, I got the opportunity to go to the USA to manage a horse riding programme for Camp America and after that, I worked for a season organising corporate events at two polo clubs in Dubai. It was amazing to get the chance to combine work with travel and gain some really valuable experience.

After that, I worked for World Horse Welfare as an International Programme Officer, which combined my love of travel and project management. I was responsible for training and for community support programmes that are aimed at improving the welfare of working equines in South Africa, Senegal, Cambodia and Haiti. I managed our trainers, budgets and the monitoring of how each project and our relationships with partner organisations were working.

Throughout the year, I travelled to see each partner and project in situ, getting hands on experience and knowledge to apply to my planning back at Head Office.

I am also part of the organisational committee for the International Colloquium for Working Equids. At that major event, I am responsible for hosting experts from around the world who are attending a two-day conference and the practical training day.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Hartpury University and I have no doubt that my course opened up many opportunities for me. What I learned during my degree helped in some way to prepare me for all of the job roles I have taken on since I graduated.