Ryan Pietersen

Qualification & subject:
Undergraduate BA (Hons) Sports Business Management
Franchise owner and UK rugby recruitment agent for Inside Running

Ryan studied BA (Hons) Sports Business Management at Hartpury and is now a Franchise Owner and UK Rugby Recruitment Agent for Inside Running. He specialises in the global placement and transfer of talented rugby union players and coaches for Inside Running, who deal with more than 500 clubs in 10 countries around the world.

Ryan's Hartpury Experience

"My course helped me in gaining a better, vast knowledge of the business side of sport. It opened my eyes to the opportunities in the sports business sector, and the fact that Hartpury is so well known worldwide in terms of rugby gave me a foot in the door when starting out in the business side of sport, especially rugby. After graduating, I went to London to start work as a business development manager for a cleaning chemicals company but it wasn’t what I wanted to do and when I made contact with Inside Running, they took me on as an unpaid intern. I headed over to New Zealand in January 2015 and haven’t looked back. Now I’m back in the UK to as a franchise owner of Inside Running UK!"