Ryszard Chadwick

Player and coach development manager | Play Rugby USA

What I do

I work at Play Rugby USA, a non-profit organisation with the mission of ‘developing youth through rugby’ as their Player and Coach Development Manager. I live in New York City and we work with more than 14,000 kids in more than 300 schools. I’m also the Under-19s Empire All Stars male and female team Academy Manager and head coach, plus I work with World Rugby and the USA Rugby Coach Development Team, travelling the United States educating coaches.

How Hartpury University helped to get me there

I have always coached and I chose to come to Hartpury University due to the quality of the rugby and the facilities. Where better to learn about coaching than with the best teams and the best coaches? After completing my BSc (Hons) in Sports Coaching, I loved the education and theory side so much and I felt that I had so much more to learn. I really wanted to challenge myself further academically, plus I loved coaching at Hartpury and wanted this to continue to expand my experiences. That’s why I decided to move on to the Masters in Coaching Science. The deeper into coaching you get, the less focus there is on the physical and tactical and more on the psychology, on and off the pitch. I was asked to coach the Hartpury Freshers’ rugby team and, as a Masters student, I was also the University third XV coach. That meant I could put into practice what I was learning straight away. My Masters has given me more credibility in the professional world and also the opportunity to meet coaches and complete a thesis in an area I was really interested in. That enabled me to interview some fantastic names in the coaching world, including Stuart Lancaster. Hartpury University opened the doors to everything I do now. I learned so much from so many different people.