Ryszard Chadwick

Player and Coach Development Manager | Play Rugby USA

Ryszard BSc (Hons) Sports Coaching at Hartpury and is now a Player and Coach Developent Manager. He lives in New York City and works with more than 14,000 kids from 300 schools. He is also the Under-19s Empire All Stars male and female team Academy Manager and Head Coach, plus he works with World Rugby and the USA Rugby Coach Development Team, travelling the United States educating coaches.

Ryszard's Hartpury Experience

"My whole mindset is about improving every day. Hartpury provides a great environment to get better and better each time – whether you're competing in sport, coaching it, or learning.

The lecturers are passion about their subjects and helping people. It's like being coached rather than taught, because of the specialist skillset and real experiences they have."

Developing Industry Connections

"I gained a lot of practical experience as part of the degree, and was able to coach one of the Hartpury rugby teams alongside my studies. It was great experience because I could take what I was learning in the classroom and apply it straight away. The best thing about coaching is that no environment is the same, no day is the same, everyone learns and develops differently. I love the challenge. I help people to achieve their goals. Seeing them work hard and succeed in what they love is a great feeling. Not a lot of people are able to do what they love every day. That's why I always jump at new opportunities and work in so many coaching roles."