Susannah Price

Veterinary Nurse | Highcroft Veterinary Group

What I do

I assist the veterinary surgeons in caring for the patients and giving medication. I also monitor general anaesthetics and prepare the animals for surgery. Nurse clinics are also part of my job, educating owners about the health and wellbeing of their animals. I check the animals over and work with clients to help prevent any problems in the future.

How Hartpury University helped to get me there

I put into practice all the theoretical and practical techniques I learned during my time at Hartpury University in my job. My degree was a sandwich course and I was on placement at Highcroft in my second year for 60 weeks. I worked hard and showed that I was capable and willing to learn, which led to them offering me a full-time job at the end of my degree. I was delighted as it’s a big referral practice.