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Welcome to our digital hub for all things Agriculture.

We are the largest residential land-based college in England, in the heart of Gloucestershire on our 360 hectare estate. An exceptional learning environment, using our outstanding facilities where you’ll see theory come to life, adopting a hands-on approach to your education.

At Hartpury University, we're on a mission to develop a talent base of innovative agricultural leaders to address the future demand for skills in the agri-sector. You don’t need to have an agricultural background, you simply need the passion, drive and expertise to make that difference.

Our commercial farm is home to You'll have access to cows, calves, sheep, a dairy bull-beef rearing unit, a 296-cubicle dairy unit, a 30/30 GEA BeTeBe Rapid Exit Parlour, a Racewell HD3 Sheep Handler, machinery workshops, and hectares of arable land. Our land is helping to shape the future of crop biodiversity, as a chosen base for ADAS’s important environmental research plots.‏‏‏‎

At our new £2million Agri-Tech Centre, you’ll also gain experience of the latest smart farming technologies and have opportunities to collaborate on real-world projects to improve productivity and profitability across the county.

We hope you enjoy our Agriculture themed activities and further explore what Hartpury has to offer.

Interactive Quizzes

Do you have a passion for Agriculture?

Why not test out your knowledge with one of our online quizzes. Simply click on the links below and see how many you can get right.

Agriculture Quiz

Agriculture Engineering Quiz

Agriculture Gamekeeping Quiz

Technology in Agriculture

New technologies in the farming industry are being used for their unbeaten ability to drive growth in a sustainable way. Interested in what types of technology are used in Agriculture? Use the information sheet below to find out more.

Technology information sheet

Agricultural Themed Activities 

This two page worksheet has 10 different activities to cater for different subjects in the school curriculum such as Maths, English, Food technology etc for children aged 6 - 12.

Agricultural themed activities

16 Interesting Facts about Agriculture

As the saying goes, you learn something new every day. Here, you can learn 16 new facts about agriculture that you may not have known.

16 Facts about agriculture

Combine Harvesters: Information fact sheet

Did you know combine harvesters cost in excess of £100,000 and the angle of the slopes they can drive up should be a maximum of 15 degrees?

Combine Information Sheet

Fascinating cows stomachs

Grass can be hard to break down and digest for a cow so do you know how many stomachs they have? Explore a cows different stomachs and what each one does.

Cows stomachs activity

Understanding plant cells

A plant cell is the basic unit for all plants. They provide fuel and fibre for humans and animals. Understand their structures and functions on this interactive PowerPoint.

Plant cell activity

Where does food come from?

The world population is growing fast, with agriculture being among the major industries that supports this rise. Guess where some foods come from on this PowerPoint.

Where does food come from?

Studying Agricultural degrees at Hartpury University

Our world population is growing fast, with agriculture being among the major industries that’s changing to support this rise. There’s never been a more exciting time to join this global sector, with exciting and diverse career opportunities ahead.

You'll learn how to build a productive, resilient and sustainable industry - whether as a farm manager, agronomist, economist, policymaker, researcher, scientist or consultant – career opportunities are diverse.

Industry experience

You'll spend up to 980 hours working in industry as part of your degree, as well as the option to take an integrated placement year. Students work with businesses such as Foyle Food Group, Agrii and NFU, and internationally in New Zealand, Uganda and the USA.

Business and enterprise 

Our curriculum is informed by industry, with business management embedded throughout. This makes our students cutting edge, providing unparalleled learning experiences, and ensuring they make the best connections out there.

Award-winning quality

You can be confident that you’ll learn to high quality industry standards. We’re leading the way in dairy herd performance, holding the prestigious Southwest Promar International Milkminder award. Alongside that, we work to strict Farm Assurance regulations, which means you'll develop expertise that's in demand by employers.

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Our agriculture facilities are second-to-none

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To help you build an understanding of your future options after school, two of our agriculture students, Emily, Ben and Joe, have blogged about their student experiences.

They give a first-hand account of what it’s like being an agriculture student at Hartpury University. They discuss the opportunities provided to them by Hartpury, such as industry experience as well as their own aspirations.

Click on the links below to read about their experiences whilst studying at Hartpury and using the outstanding facilities on campus at Home Farm.

Emily Packman - Student experience blog

Emily is on a mission to improve the lives of animals through policy development. She's here to share her story as a second-year student.

Read Emilys blog

Ben Jordan - Student experience blog

Ben Jordan

Ben graduated BSc (Hons) Agriculture in 2018 at Hartpury and he is now a Nutrition Agronomist at a fertiliser manufacturer.


Joe Goodenough - Student experience blog

Joe wants to work with the United Nations to help build a sustainable future. Read his blog, and you'll hear about his experience as a first-year student at Hartpury.

Read Joes blog

Meet Jacob Anthony, Farmers Weekly: Young Farmer of the Year 2018.

"Hartpury is a great place to be. It’s got everything you need – the extensive facilities, the infrastructure, and the outstanding lecturers.

Hartpury made me feel like I could better myself by being educated there.

I had some of the best times of my life at Hartpury."

Read more

Take a virtual tour

Hartpury campus boasts its own commercial Home Farm and students are able to experience milking, calving, lambing and rearing and observe and assist with veterinary procedures on the farm.

Our new farm facility at Okle Clifford is also at the heart of a new farm biodiversity project, offering exceptional opportunities for student research.

Every aspect of our specialist campus is designed to equip students with the skills, knowledge and experience they need to open the door to their dream career.

Why not explore our 360-hectare specialist campus by taking our Virtual Tour? Click on the hotspots for more information as you tour!

Hartpury Agri-Tech Centre

The Agri-Tech Centre is a unique complex of facilities based at our Agriculture campus.  Complimenting existing agriculture projects in Gloucestershire, the Centre will improve the access for farmers and other supply chain businesses to the latest Agri-Tech products and solutions, helping drive productivity and efficiency.

The Centre is made up of a hub building, biosecurity unit and also a livestock demonstration facility, based on Hartpury’s commercial farm. Combining to provide both a site for practical and technical demonstration.

View our Agri-tech centre

The Productivity Gap 

The agricultural industry is going through unprecedented change to meet the food demands of a growing global population. New technologies are being integrated for their unrivalled ability to drive growth in a sustainable way.

The work of the Hartpury Agri-Tech Centre will be critical to ensuring that integration can be as efficient as possible. Providing access through demonstration of the latest tech-solutions for commercial users, but also providing a knowledge base to ensure they are fully utilised.

The core work of the Centre will be linking between innovation and commercial practice; working with a network of connections on both sides, driving efficient communication, knowledge exchange and practical insight.

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