Why study a postgraduate degree?

Improve the futures of people, animals and the planet whilst developing your own expertise and career

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By studying a postgraduate qualification, you’ll deepen your expertise as part of a curious and likeminded learning community.

You’ll open up new opportunities to create a meaningful career for yourself, whilst changing the lives of others through leading academic research and industry best practice.

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Deepen your expertise

By immersing yourself in the subject you’re passionate about, you’ll gain new understanding to help you thrive in your study and career.

Broaden your skills

Working side-by-side with teaching staff, researchers and industry partners will embed important transferable skills that employers look for, such as communication, flexible thinking and problem solving.

Transform the lives of others

Take the topic you care about and use it to improve the lives of animals, people or the planet. Postgraduate study is all about best practice – you’ll have the tools and support you need to make that difference.

Connect with industry trailblazers

From collaborating with leading academics to experienced peers and industry specialists, postgraduate study offers you the chance to join a network of people who are making headlines in their fields.

Earn more

The data proves it: postgraduates have better earning potential. A government survey revealed that median postgraduate salaries grow faster than those of graduates. Salaries currently sit at £42,000/year and the gap is widening (ONS Graduate Labour Market Statistics 2020; www.gov.uk)

Go further

Studies show that postgraduate degrees are positively associated with job satisfaction. Postgraduates are also more likely to be in employment than graduates and non-graduates, as well as progress on to more highly skilled roles (Graduate Outcomes).

Getting ahead with a postgraduate degree

Before studying a master's degree at Hartpury, Megan Batchelor had been overlooked for a job, with employers citing qualifications. Since graduating, she's hasn't looked back.

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