Hannah (Saskya) Bingei

Qualification & subject:
Undergraduate BSc (Hons) Equestrian Sports Science
Assistant Stable Manager, JIEPP (Jakarta International Equestrian Park Pulomas)

Why I love Hartpury

I got to see so many cases treated by our therapists and the Three Counties Vets while working at their Equine Therapy Centre. I loved seeing the rider work with the therapists and vets to rehabilitate the injured horse. It was so amazing to see.

As my tutor said, the horse and rider are a team and everyone working with that team is part of what makes a winning horse and rider partnership. Everyone must work together to get it right.

I loved that I could do both human and animal modules

Lots of riders think it’s only about the horse, but the human is also a huge part of the impact on performance. It’s really important that a human is physically fit, as riding is a sport where the human is also an athlete.

I loved learning about how the horse moves and why. It helped to inform the type of training we design and the feed we give horses to ensure optimum performance.