Simone Martin

Qualification & subject:
Undergraduate BSc (Hons) Equestrian Sports Science
Senior Group Sales, Ascot Racecourse

Hartpury’s a recognisable name in the industry. It’s a place that’s constantly evolving and striving to be the best. We always worked with the latest technology, newest kit and most up-to-date research.

Doing what I love

I didn’t come from a particularly horsey background, nor did I know what career I wanted to do. But that didn’t matter, as Hartpury is somewhere you can follow your passion. I’m so glad that I chose this path. By doing what I love, I know I’ll never have a boring day at work.

In my final year at Hartpury, I took part in The Racing Industry Course (TRIC) and then the British Horseracing Association graduate and management schemes, which covers everything racing. Now I’m back at Ascot, where it all began, in my new role as Sales Group Manager.

Hartpury is a recognisable name in the industry, so it’s always great to have that on your CV.

My Hartpury experience

I got involved in as much as I possibly could while I was studying. There are so many opportunities for you as a Hartpury student. I always feel confident when speaking to people now, because I know I have the knowledge and the experience from having been at Hartpury.

Although it’s vibrant all year-round, Hartpury comes alive during the summer with the equine events. I was lucky enough to spend some time working behind the scenes, helping the commercial teams run the events – it was a real eye opener and taught me so much that I still use today.