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Hartpury College A Level Biology

A-level in Biology

Biology combines problem solving with practical skills and enables you to develop a scientific approach to the subject. You'll build up research, problem-solving, organisational and analytical skills as part of this popular A-level course. It can be combined with practically any other A-level we offer.

Hartpury College A Level Business

A-level in Business Studies

Develop your critical analysis, decision-making and problem-solving skills on this A-level in Business Studies. You'll gain transferable knowledge and skills across a huge range of business and management fields, as well as building your personal decision-making, planning and financial expertise.

Hartpury College A Level Chemistry

A-level in Chemistry

Our A-level in Chemistry will help develop your scientific skills and knowledge. Learn to understand the world we live in, picking up research, problem solving, and analytical skills along the way. This A-level is a great platform for science or engineering-based programmes at university.

Hartpury College A Level Economics

A-level in Economics

Our A-level in Economics will see you study the fundamental forces which affect society and your lives. Forces such as; employment, prices, international trade and poverty. This dynamic course allows you to make your own judgements and form your own opinions on the issues that matter to society right now.

Hartpury College A Level English Language

A-level in English Language

This exciting A-level will develop your creative writing through studying the power of language in politics, business, advertising, comedy, and other areas. You'll be introduced to concepts and methods of the disciplines of English language and linguistics in relation to a wide range of spoken and written forms of English. 

Hartpury College A Level English Literature

A-level in English Literature

Develop your critical and analytical skills with this A-level in English Literature. You'll be encouraged to engage with a wide range of texts from prose to plays and poetry. This course can open the door to an array of career paths, as well as a number of different university pathways. 

Hartpury College A Level Environmental Science

A-level in Environmental Science

Consider the sustainability of our planet, as well as the issues affecting our environment and how we can help to solve them. Develop a scientific understanding of the way in which our world works, and the processes that control and affect it.

Hartpury College A Level Geography

A-level in Geography

Geography is a popular and wide-ranging A-level that will enable you to study a range of topics. Better understand the nature of human and physical geography whilst unpicking the debates surrounding contemporary challenges facing the world today.

Hartpury College A Level History

A-level in History

Develop independent thought, improve your critical analysis and evaluation, and enhance your ability to provide well-reasoned and researched answers to historical questions. Gain a thorough understanding of how our society has developed over time, understanding why and how things happened. A popular A-level with skills that are highly sought-after by universities and employers. 

Female A Level Student Studying In Classroom

A-level in Mathematics

Mathematics is an interesting and challenging A-level that will enable you to study a wide range of topics across pure and applied mathematics. You'll develop and deepen your understanding of topics covered at GCSE and be introduced to many new concepts too.