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Our future plans and strategies

Our mission is to be a specialist niche provider delivering relevant, effective and high quality education and training for employment in sport, equine, animal and agricultural industries; locally, nationally and internationally.

Our Higher Education mission statement

To provide outstanding learning opportunities and develop employment ready graduates. Higher Education at Hartpury should free students to explore, to create, to challenge, and to lead.

To achieve our mission we offer vocationally relevant programmes informed by, and developed in partnership with vocational stakeholders, that are delivered by highly qualified staff using an extensive range of excellent facilities. Our students are at the heart of our institution and we fully support them to ensure that they become independent, creative and critical thinkers that will be successful in obtaining fulfilling employment in their chosen occupations.

The mission statement is underpinned by the aims and goals as illustrated in the Hartpury 2025 Strategy. This is fortified by the respective HE strategy, and the Hartpury Quality Enhancement Framework.

Hartpury 2025 Strategy Cover

Plans and strategies

Hartpury 2025 Strategy

Take a look at our Hartpury 2025 Strategy to learn more about our vision, our aims and the journey that Hartpury University and Hartpury College are on.

Hartpury quality enhancement framework